Alber Elbaz – the Man Who Revived Lavin

Of Israeli origin, Alber Elbaz was born in 1961 in Casablanca. He spent his youth in Tel Aviv, before landing “with two big suitcases” in New York at the age of 25. One of his main collaborations began in 1998, when he was selected as the successor for Yves Saint Laurent who decided to retire. After a turbulent separation with the famous Parisian house, he found his place with Lavin where he has settled ever since. Alber Elbaz defended his own style, creating each piece on the spur of the moment, for the elegance applied to a philosophy of the times, quite close to that of “Madame”.

Indeed, the silent and watchful Alber Elbaz observes women from behind his round glasses, guessing their desires and fulfilling their wishes. He creates stylish but pragmatic clothes, aimed to make women happy and men fall in love with them. No wonder he is the ladies’ favorite. Often called the Woody Allen of couture, extravagant but lonely, sparkling but modest, with a complex and engaging personality, he attracts all eyes of the fashion world especially since he provided the Lavin fashion house with a second life full of softness and glamor, reinventing a modern and sensual Parisian.

With time, Elbaz has developed a distinctive style. His main works are the rounded shoulders jacket, but especially the dress, a symbol of femininity in its most simple and most current. The lines are soft, and its falsely classic cuts are updated by not finished hems and simple leather thongs laced around the waist. His color is black and his fabrics are wool, silk and cotton. He likes to size the silhouette by emphasizing the waistline and by a marked neckline, without transparency, since his excess weight has taught him what to show or hide.

Therefore, he creates “cosmetic” clothes, addressed to all morphologies and able to sublimate all body shapes. He provides women with a wardrobe for all occasions, for day and night, and gradually develops a true lifestyle. With his multiple capsule collections of jeans, wedding dresses, or for business women, the Faubourg Saint Honoré boutique is fast becoming a luxury supermarket providing an infinity of clothing items.

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