Anthony Vaccarello – Guaranteed Elegance

When you need something that is cutting edge but elegant there aren’t many brands to choose from, other than the classy brands that we all got bored of.  Fortunately, the new designer Anthony Vaccarello comes with a new approach to fashion, a sort of futuristic but classy style that manages to stand out.

Anthony Vaccarello is a new name in the fashion industry; he is only 32 years old and graduated La Cambre, the famous Belgian design school. He explains the way he approaches fashion very simple: he likes to dress the body, to work with the material around it, not just create a design and then cover the body with it. He considers himself an artist that is striving for sensuality, control and construction. His style is also considered quite sexy and many of his dresses are quite a view, especially on beautiful bodies like those of his models.

His designs during college have also been very popular, helping him win many awards but also scholarships. He had a collection made entirely of leather who gave him a two-year stint designing fur at Fendi. After leaving Fendi, he applied everything he learned there in his collections and managed to come up with cutting edge designs that were extremely unique in the fashion world. A lot of designers compare his style with a Parisian style without all the clichés. A lot of his clothes are practically new and improved versions of the little black dress, becoming extremely elegant pieces for every woman who will ever buy them. he also designs a lot of other timeless pieces like smoking jackets, jumpsuits and even fifties style clothes but also flapper accents.

Overall his whole style can be considered to be an extremely fluid but tight and classy, with touches form all beautiful eras and with a dash of Parisian elegance. Whether you are looking for a dress that will stand out in any crowd or you simply want to buy something that looks timeless and elegant, his clothes will never let you down, so check them out if you have the opportunity.

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