Peplum Top

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Peplum Top

The Peplum top is a never dying trend and it’s no wonder why, this type of top is one of the best things out there that you can wear: it has a nice cut, it’s very feminine and comes in so many designs, shapes and patterns. So you can’t really fail when you start searching for one of these. This classic style works well with either a nice elegant skirt or a pair of pants so you can wear it in a lot of situations. It doesn’t have an age restriction as many women are able to wear it and it can also be worn by both heavier and thinner women.


Its versatility doesn’t end there because it can also be worn during winter and summer with a jersey over it or a trench coat during colder months. And since fashion trends are a way to express yourself fully you can even make a statement out of a peplum top and combine it with materials and other elements that wouldn’t normally work with one such as military boots or cargo pants. As long as the top has something that makes it stand out you can create a perfect unique look. No matter what you choose to do please remember that the peplum trend will not die too soon and might even become one of the classics so making sure that you have one lying around your room might be a good decision. Soon this will be the go to fashion item whenever trying to maintain a casually chic look. It works well with jeans too, so that makes it perfect for those looking for more comfortable clothes.

A peplum top is also a good decision for work because it enhances your waistline and looks really cool under a jersey or a jacket, which are usually clothing items people wear at work. Also, combined with a skirt and high heels it can be the perfect combination for a hot date or a dinner where you want to look sexy without revealing too much. You can accessorize it with all kinds of interesting necklaces that go to your waist or even expensive necklaces that shine and make your cleavage stand out.

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Designer Cufflinks or How To Make A Statement

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Designer Cufflinks or How To Make A Statement

When it comes to dressing up properly, most people usually have trouble in the elegant and simple department, especially when elegant ties or cufflinks need to be selected. There are all kinds of cufflinks out there and while most of them are your boring classy metal pieces that keep your shirt in the right place, there are some designers that take cufflinks to a whole new level. Whether you opt for gold or silver cufflinks is doesn’t matter, what matters is the design and how they make you stand out from other men who are wearing elegant outfits.

Gucci  – when it comes to fancy cufflinks Gucci definitely has a word to say; whether you want something simple or you want the Gucci brand to stand out on your cufflinks, you will always have a wide variety of choices.

Jan Leslie – this is a brand especially designed for men and features some of the most unique cufflinks you will ever see; for example, if you want to wear a pair of octopus cufflinks, you now have the chance and they also created them in all colors imaginable, so that you can pair them with almost any type of shirt.

Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill – another brand that not only creates cufflinks but a whole range of jewelry and accessory for men. However, their cufflinks are quite extraordinary and come in all shapes and sizes. This is definitely the place where you can buy something elegant and simple.

Tateossian – this is a contemporary brand that makes jewelry for both men and women. You can find a beautiful range of cufflinks, all made for the most eccentric man. They have quite unconventional designs and you will certainly be amazed by their cool and unique designs.

Another cool brand that is quite similar to Tateossian is David Donahue, a brand that also takes an unconventional approach for its accessories and seems to become quite popular among men of all ages. They sell a big range of cufflinks that come with really cool designs, from checkers board to small animals and even small objects, so you can accessorize your shirt in various interesting ways.

Other types of memorabilia cufflinks come in really unique shapes: the Eiffel tower cufflinks, Darth Vader or Yoda Cufflinks or Wall Street cufflinks will definitely make your outfit unique. Although they are a classic choice, cufflinks seem to be making a comeback when it comes to men’s jewelry.

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The Pussy Bow Blouse Is A True Fashion Statement For 2013

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The Pussy Bow Blouse Is A True Fashion Statement For 2013

This upcoming spring will have a list of fashion items that will rise in popularity, and one of the most interesting items for this year seems to be the pussy bow blouse.

It offers a chic and look while being incredibly easy and comfortable to wear. Don’t hesitate to spruce up your wardrobe with this fashion item for this spring and summer and why not, you could even pull it off in the autumn.

The revival of the pussy bow blouse and its dainty, feminine allure is very visible as malls and clothes shops are displaying them like crazy.

The best thing about the pussy bow blouse is its versatility. Pear one up with a skirt and you’re ready to go. It can also go well with shorts or wide leg jeans. You can literally make your own style or go for any type of look with the pussy bow. It also comes in a wide selection of colors, so if you want a more colorful look to celebrate spring or you need to look a bit more serious for work, the pussy bow blouse is the perfect choice.

In a nod to the out there fashion of the 70’s the pussy bow is probably the most famous fashion item of those times along with the bell bottom jeans.

bow blouse

You can pick one up at just about any store or at a host of online shops, however, one of the best offers in both terms of price and range of products comes from here.

Another great aspect of the pussy bow is that it offers a trendy new look that can be easily taken to the workplace. You don’t have to worry about looking inappropriate and you can really make it work with both dresses and pants.

So stop thinking of the pussy bow blouse as your grandma’s favorite blouse, and look forward to a comfortable, feminine even girlie fashion item that can be worn with just about anything at any event and that has such a rich palate of colors that you can show your mood, and personal touch with great ease.

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Anthony Vaccarello – Guaranteed Elegance

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Anthony Vaccarello – Guaranteed Elegance

When you need something that is cutting edge but elegant there aren’t many brands to choose from, other than the classy brands that we all got bored of.  Fortunately, the new designer Anthony Vaccarello comes with a new approach to fashion, a sort of futuristic but classy style that manages to stand out.

Anthony Vaccarello is a new name in the fashion industry; he is only 32 years old and graduated La Cambre, the famous Belgian design school. He explains the way he approaches fashion very simple: he likes to dress the body, to work with the material around it, not just create a design and then cover the body with it. He considers himself an artist that is striving for sensuality, control and construction. His style is also considered quite sexy and many of his dresses are quite a view, especially on beautiful bodies like those of his models.

His designs during college have also been very popular, helping him win many awards but also scholarships. He had a collection made entirely of leather who gave him a two-year stint designing fur at Fendi. After leaving Fendi, he applied everything he learned there in his collections and managed to come up with cutting edge designs that were extremely unique in the fashion world. A lot of designers compare his style with a Parisian style without all the clichés. A lot of his clothes are practically new and improved versions of the little black dress, becoming extremely elegant pieces for every woman who will ever buy them. he also designs a lot of other timeless pieces like smoking jackets, jumpsuits and even fifties style clothes but also flapper accents.

Overall his whole style can be considered to be an extremely fluid but tight and classy, with touches form all beautiful eras and with a dash of Parisian elegance. Whether you are looking for a dress that will stand out in any crowd or you simply want to buy something that looks timeless and elegant, his clothes will never let you down, so check them out if you have the opportunity.

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Gucci 1970 Bag

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Gucci 1970 Bag

While keeping the basic features that have distinguished the Italian signature all over the years and made the Gucci style unique and inimitable, this summer’s collection of Gucci handbags offers shades of glossy paper, precious materials and gold to enrich the whole look of the glamorous brand. And if the last seasons favored the satchels, now they leave place for hobo bags and small clutches, which are worn on the shoulder or held in the hand, while the chain adorns the wrist.

Actually, all the models seem to be strongly focused on the aesthetics of the chain, which is present not only on purses, but also on oversized bags and which is made even more practical as its is interwoven with leather. Another common feature for the items included in this collection is the metallic finish applied on both sides of the bags. Moreover, some models have their corners covered with material inserts that recall the bag gold-plated chain.

White is, as usually, the predominant summer color, but this does not mean that the whole collection is limited to white bags. Green seems to impose itself as the new trendy color of bags, according to the Italian fashion designers. The same goes for the fabrics, field in which exotic types of leather seem to be the rule.

Thus, the icon item of the whole summer collection is a python leather bag bearing an emerald chromatic tone. Despite its small size, this bag achieves maximum impact by its bright color, by the rare material used for its manufacture, by unusual shape of the valve, by the richly decorated and hand made lining. All the design elements, chosen by the Italian designers for this small bag, match perfectly. Every detail is in place providing this accessory with a successful and harmonious look. This bag will go with fuchsia, ripe cherry, purple or pink fashionable clothes such as silk jackets, laconic dresses and casual trousers.

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Alber Elbaz – the Man Who Revived Lavin

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Alber Elbaz – the Man Who Revived Lavin

Of Israeli origin, Alber Elbaz was born in 1961 in Casablanca. He spent his youth in Tel Aviv, before landing “with two big suitcases” in New York at the age of 25. One of his main collaborations began in 1998, when he was selected as the successor for Yves Saint Laurent who decided to retire. After a turbulent separation with the famous Parisian house, he found his place with Lavin where he has settled ever since. Alber Elbaz defended his own style, creating each piece on the spur of the moment, for the elegance applied to a philosophy of the times, quite close to that of “Madame”.

Indeed, the silent and watchful Alber Elbaz observes women from behind his round glasses, guessing their desires and fulfilling their wishes. He creates stylish but pragmatic clothes, aimed to make women happy and men fall in love with them. No wonder he is the ladies’ favorite. Often called the Woody Allen of couture, extravagant but lonely, sparkling but modest, with a complex and engaging personality, he attracts all eyes of the fashion world especially since he provided the Lavin fashion house with a second life full of softness and glamor, reinventing a modern and sensual Parisian.

With time, Elbaz has developed a distinctive style. His main works are the rounded shoulders jacket, but especially the dress, a symbol of femininity in its most simple and most current. The lines are soft, and its falsely classic cuts are updated by not finished hems and simple leather thongs laced around the waist. His color is black and his fabrics are wool, silk and cotton. He likes to size the silhouette by emphasizing the waistline and by a marked neckline, without transparency, since his excess weight has taught him what to show or hide.

Therefore, he creates “cosmetic” clothes, addressed to all morphologies and able to sublimate all body shapes. He provides women with a wardrobe for all occasions, for day and night, and gradually develops a true lifestyle. With his multiple capsule collections of jeans, wedding dresses, or for business women, the Faubourg Saint Honoré boutique is fast becoming a luxury supermarket providing an infinity of clothing items.

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