Studded Belt

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Studded Belt

The studded leather belt has been always popular among certain subcultures such as the punk subculture. However, there are other groups that like to wear this fashion item, such as the skaters, goths and even people who prefer adding a few urban elements to their look. The studded belt is usually made with leather and has small metal studs on one side or on its entire length.

studded leather belt

You can find a studded belt in most stores around including Hot Topic and thrift shops in the world. There are many varieties to the classical studded belt and most stores offer different types for any taste. You can find colorful studded belts and even studded belts with various patterns so you won’t have to always opt for the same studded belt. Make sure that you get at least two types of studded belts because they can be pretty addictive if you start wearing them on a daily basis. If you are in a certain scene you can wear studded belts with your outfit. They can even be worn with dresses or skirts for that punk-ish or goth look that you might want to obtain. For an interesting look you can also get a pair of tight trousers and some boots; that and a ripped T-shirt is the way to go when trying to obtain that classic punk look. Since the studded belt is a symbol of the extreme cultures like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and so on, you can also use it to make a fashion statement.

The studded belt also works amazing with a pair of checkered pants. Add a hoodie or a T-shirt and you have a great urban look that also is very comfortable. You can accessorize it with your casual jewelry, even the most unconventional pieces you might have around.

You may wonder why is it important that this type of studded belt is making a comeback. It is important because the studded belt is a huge staple of urban culture and urban fashion but also a way of expression for subcultures that might not have the same exposure as mainstream ones do.

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Animal Hats

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Animal Hats

The trends lately have involved a series of items that might make some of you laugh. Animal hats have gained quite a big popularity among people and the most surprising fact is that even adults wear them. The term animal hat involves all kinds of caps and things that you can wear on your head including crocheted fashion items or knitted fashion items. Most of these hats started being extremely popular for kids who looked extremely cute wearing them. However, teenagers started wearing them and soon everybody had one. They are a great combination for those who want to dress more unusual and have a great need to express themselves with colorful, cool hats. There are all kinds of varieties to choose from but the most popular are the owl hats. There has been a trend going on for the last couple of years involving owls everywhere and people have become hooked on owls. An owl hat is your typically knitted hat except for the fact that it has an owl on the front part of it, an owl that looks like it’s part of your head.

Animal hat image

There are also some coats that come with hoods featuring ears to look more animalistic. But people have been debating whether animal hats are a good fashion item for grown people. Most of them believe that these hats are a bit too much and those wearing them are committing a big fashion no-no. However, the trend is still here and people love the hats even more.

Combining an animal hat with other outfits can be a pretty tough job. Usually you have to wear them with something more casual and urban, obviously they don’t go well with elegant attire, unless you want to look like Lady Gaga during one of her wardrobe experiments. Jeans and other comfortable trousers along with casual jackets would be the best choice that goes well with animal hats. Other people prefer wearing trench coats and even skirts sometimes, but it’s up to you and how you want to view this style. Animal hats can be fun to wear and a cool way to express yourself.

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Bow Ties They’re Back

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Bow Ties They're Back

When it comes to fashion statements, nothing is more hip and in right now than a classy, slim bow tie. The look that combines classy and hip, giving an air of intelligence, sophistication and class, and that can be pulled off at both high end events and a party where you want to impress.

The name of the game is color and if you want to impress with your new look, you’ll have to choose some pretty outrageous colors. Also geometric patterns are a good idea, so don’t be afraid to go all out. If you think the look might make you too geeky, just imagine that some of the most successful and talented hip-hop musicians and producers are going for this trendy look. Swizz Beatz, one of the hottest hip hop producers and Alicia Keys’ husband has been seen pulling this look off with great success, giving an air of freshness and looking absolutely sharp.

Bow Tie

Kanye West, was also seen sporting a red bow tie with a navy blue jacket and a pair of aviator glasses for a look that can go for both a formal event or as a casual wear. The perfect place to get bow ties like that and even more is, even though there are a ton of shops and sites that offer a wide range of bow ties.

So don’t think of a bow tie just in a wedding, or formal black suit environment, and don’t imagine you’ll look like your grandpa at his 50 year college reunion. It is a new staple of the confident, fashion conscious modern male, that is comfortable enough with the idea if innovation that he can pull off this fantastic new look.

They are also great to wear in an urban, a more street type setting, where an intentional mismatch in the color of your shirt and bow tie will give you a daring, lowed and interesting look that is complementary with the geeky fashion that is in these days.

Wherever you buy your tie make sure you ask how to correctly tie it, maybe buy a pre tied one, also look at the many different styles of knots as diversity is always a good thing. Never, never, go for the clip on, that is if you are above the age of 7.

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Classic Fashion Item – Faded Jeans

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Classic Fashion Item - Faded Jeans

Jeans are definitely the fashion items you need when you have to make sure that you don’t go wrong with a casual item. When it comes to jeans, there are so many models available, it’s impossible to make the right decision sometimes. The models also change every year into new styles so women have to change according to trends to make sure that they are fashionable.

However, there will always be a style of jeans that will look amazing no matter what and will always be fashionable; that style o jeans is the faded jeans. Faded jeans are actually jeans that have been washed with acid to create a gradient look on different parts of them. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with anything. The main color for these jeans is usually blue, but you can also buy faded jeans that have other colors like dark blue, grey or black. You can even go beyond that and stand out with a pair of colorful faded jeans. No matter what color you choose, here are some tips on how to combine them for the perfect look.

The first thing that you need to know is never to wear faded jeans that are slim if you are overweight, as they will look terrible. Another thing is the fact that you will need to opt for less faded jeans if your legs are thick if you want to make them look thinner. If you have short legs, make sure that you don’t buy jeans that are too flare, a straight type of jeans cut is the best thing you can do for yourself. Slim jeans are also forbidden to girls who are short as they look disastrous.

You can easily combine faded jeans with casual outfits like jackets, tops, various shirts and those combinations can be worn out or at school with absolutely no problem. You can even wear jeans to the office if you add a blazer on top and make sure that you accessorize the outfit properly, everybody will complement you for your boldness.

Jeans are great fashion items and once you buy a pair you know that they will never go out of style.

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Knitted Wear – Stay Comfortable And Warm

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Knitted Wear - Stay Comfortable And Warm

Knitted wear has always been fascinating, from the beautiful pullover made by your grandmother to the crocheted modern dresses that have been in fashion for several years now. People tend to forget that knitted wear can be quite amazing even during seasons that are not cold. So, having something beautifully knitted in your wardrobe is always a plus and a way you can really enhance your style.

When it comes to whole outfits, there is quite a variety that can be found in the knitted wear department. You can buy knitted dresses that look really beautiful, not to mention the fact that they can keep you warm and elegant during winter. Sweaters, pullovers and cardigans will always be in fashion so you can buy a few high quality ones that you can keep in your wardrobe for everyday wear. Also, there seems to be an interest even in knitted trousers or leggings, and many women prefer wearing those with boots during cold season as they keep them warm but also look really modern and quite sexy.

When it comes to knitted accessories there’s also a large variety. We all wear scarves but it seems that the industry has created really original pieces and nowadays one has to spend a lot of time searching the big variety of models in order to find something they like. Gloves are also a fashion item that is worn by many during the cold season, and there’s also a big selection when it comes to them.

An interesting aspect of knitted wear is the boost it gained lately through a sort of trend regarding handmade clothes. There are many websites where people can contact somebody who knits and tell them what they need to do in order to create something personalized. This is a great option and even if it costs more, the materials are higher quality than those used for series items. Also, let’s not forget the original pattern that you thought about and you can get it through this sort of service. However, regardless of how you choose to buy your clothes, knitted wear will always be a timeless fashion trend.

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Simple Fashion Accessories – Black T-Shirt

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Simple Fashion Accessories – Black T-Shirt

There’s nothing more common than a simple black T-shirt but what you don’t know is the fact that you can enhance that T-shirt and either make it a fashion statement or create something really trendy. Here are some ways to improve your simple T-shirt and make it look really cool.

Fabric paint – there’s nothing more creative than a T-shirt with a cool image on it. You can buy painting created especially for fabrics from any crafts store and let your imagination go wild. There are a lot of simple patterns on the internet that you can copy and apply on your T-shirt.

Stickers – you can also use certain thermo-stickers that you can apply on your black T-shirt. This already has an image and there’s not much creativity involved, but the final result is pretty cool.

Bleach and paint – there’s a way to obtain pretty cool punk style T-shirts with a little bleach and some fabric paint. You can even get that hippie look if you add some bleach into the water and then add the T-shirt for a few minutes. Make sure that you tie some knots before doing that, it will give your T-shirt some interesting designs. There are also glow-in-the-dark stickers that can be really fun if you are planning to wear your t-shirt on a night out.

Safety Pins – you can also use safety pins to make another punk look style. Rip your T-shirt in several parts and make sure that you can use your safety pin to put the parts back together. You can even paint the edges of your ripped parts to give it a more interesting look. Combine this method with the ones above for a really cool way to improve your simple T-shirt.

There are various ways you can make a simple T-shirt look cool but don’t forget to also wear it as it is. There’s nothing more casual and comfortable than a pair of jeans and a simple black T-shirt and it’s something that will make everybody look good, it doesn’t matter what body shape they have and how tall they are.

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Fashion Trends For Curvy Girls

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Fashion Trends For Curvy Girls

Curvy girls are always prone to having different problems when it comes to maintaining different fashion trends. This means that they will often have trouble getting clothes that are meant to look good on them, especially when the whole fashion industry is promoting a type of body that is not the average size of women nowadays. But you can still look good and be trendy in 2012 if you follow these spring fashion tips.

Embrace bright colors – they are definitely in this season and a lot of women have started choosing the craziest combination. When you are a plus size girl, it’s quite hard to choose clothes that are making you stand out but getting the right tones will make you look amazing. Red, orange, blue and vivid green are just a few of the colors that you should be using for your clothes this spring. If you fear that you might look bigger, you can choose darker shades but still make sure that you look colorful at the end of the day.

Stripes – since stripes are in, girls that have a bit extra can look amazing. Stripes will always make you look a bit slimmer and might make you feel more feminine. Choose any combination of stripes you want because they are all fashionable, perhaps even with some great bright colors for ultimate trendiness.

Maxi blouses – they are in this season and they can help you obtain a great look overall. You can use them with belts to mark your waist and you can also make sure that you wear them over your pants to cover some of the problematic areas of most curvy girls. Also, there is a great variety of tunics out there that might prove to be really amazing to combine with all kinds of trousers. Don’t limit yourself to dark colors, choose the brightest things you can and make sure that you create a look that will make you feel amazing.

In the end, it’s not just about trends, it’s also about the clothes that make you feel comfortable or not so make sure that you take that in consideration too before starting to buy everything trendy.

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The Popular Trends Of This Year’s Spring Season

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The Popular Trends Of This Year’s Spring Season

Since spring fashion is in full speed and fashion designers have already started thinking about what will we wear during the winter, it is about time to look what fashion trends actually worked this season and what people like wearing in the Spring of 2012.

It is no surprise that colorful outfit where in fashion this year but as every fashion designer is unique, every combination of bright colors was also one of a kind. We saw bright red combined with dark blue and rectangular shapes to form a nice semi-professional dress and we also saw swimsuits with three shades of colors, so it is easy to say that things weren’t boring this spring.

One would think that with so many colorful trends available, people will start forgetting about the boring black and white outfit; the truth is far from it and it seems that the popular two colors were still a big choice this year and this is due to the innovative ideas of some fashion designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Jason Wu. Being chic with a touch of a sporty style has found quite a lot of fans and the style will also be seen during the colder seasons.

Another popular trend that has to be in this recap is made out of super bold prints that make a fashion statement wherever you go. When we say prints, we mean very visible and popping prints that are sure to offer a vibrant look with an eye-catching design. Big floral designs and geometric shapes are just a couple of the trends that have taken over the streets and catwalks during this summer.

We talked about bright colors as a whole trend but it seems that orange deserves its own place on this list due to the many fashionable outfits that have caught our attention. Orange was and is everywhere, from dresses to shoes and handbags, everything looks alive and joyful. Tangerine tango was the most popular color this season and it looked amazing on every fashion item you can think of. There are also other shades of orange to choose from if you want something a bit more special.

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6 Tips To Look Slimmer At The Office

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6 Tips To Look Slimmer At The Office

If you are overweight or curvier and you want to look a little bit slimmer at the office there are many ways you can obtain that. You will instantly drop 10 pounds with the advice below and look your best every day.

Stripes – Vertical stripes are a girl’s best friend as they make you look really slim. There are a lot of outfit clothes that have stripes as it is a very classic pattern. Get some black pants and a jacket with stripes, put a colorful shirt underneath to tone all that darkness and you have a great outfit that will slim you down.

Straight pants – These are really great because they elongate your feet and hide them if they are thick. Don’t go for slim pants or something similar if you are overweight, they will just enhance your legs in a negative way and make them look shorter.


Large belts – if you have a small waist putting a large belt will help you enhance it and draw attention to it. You will look a lot slimmer and a lot sexier as it will give you an hourglass shape.

Heels – Don’t underestimate the importance of heels when you are trying to look like you’ve shed a couple of pounds. Heels will make you look taller. If you don’t want to wear high heels, you can just get a mid-heel for work so that you feel comfortable walking around.

Long accessories – long beaded necklaces are perfect if you want to elongate your torso. Make sure that they are made from a color that stands out and you will look fashionable, pretty and a lot slimmer wearing them.

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