Sport Watches

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Sport Watches

Sport has been a part of our lives since the beginning and the Olympics are a way to celebrate the best athletes in the world. As fashion is a part of everything we do, you can expect that it is also in sport and that sport watches have a very beautiful design. Of course, these watches can’t just have a skin-deep beauty and they also need to have special features that permit the users to record their times.

If we are talking about sport and fashionable watches, we have to mention that Omega is one of the leading manufactures with a long history of innovations in the industry. They have managed to be recognized as the choice of athletes all around the world and with such a big competition with watches, this is no small feat. Fashion has taken sport watches out of their natural environment and they are no longer simple timepieces but much more than that. A sport outfit demands a sport watch and a true enthusiast knows that a good sport watch has to be from one of the many famous manufacturers that have a great history and also a great reputation in the fashion industry.

Also another known fact is that fashionable sport watches are a bit expensive and so they should be. They offer you the possibility of having the latest features on your wrist and they do with style. This can tell a lot about your personality and about your interest with sports.

There is some good news to this growing industry. The need of an affordable but reliable sport watch has grown so much that affordable sport watches stores like Corona Watches have became very popular on the internet. With sport watches consumers can get the model they prefer with paying just a small fraction of the price. The features are basically the same and the mechanical parts will never let you down.

The bottom line is that a  sport watch will work perfectly and will look the same as the originals in the latest fashion magazines. Keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and never lose a millisecond with the latest watch models while being able to save money for your passion; fashion or sports or even both.

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Expensive Fashion Watches

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Expensive Fashion Watches

We managed to gather a cool collection of some of the most expensive fashion watches available. If you want to buy a watch that would cost an arm and a leg just because it looks beautiful go ahead and browse through the following models.

The Salvatore Ferregamo Women’s Watch – With a beautiful lizard print leather strap and a 36 diameter case this stainless steel watch costs about 1000 dollars. It has quartz movement and it has a beautiful white dial with the guilloche Gancino decoration and a lovely buckle with the same logo. It comes in Brown and white and in steel variant that might cost less.

salvatore watch

The beautiful Reed Krakoff Stud Watch is definitely a good selection when it comes to buying a really expensive fashion watch. It is sold for about 1300 dollars. Its unique style bracelet comes with a beautiful leather strap and a nice buckle closure. The watch is Swiss made and it is water resistant at 3 ATM. The case size is about 20 mm and the strap width about 22 mm. It does look a bit more elegant and simpler than the other watches from this list so if you are looking for something like that, this is your choice.

Minuetto Reed Krakoff Stud Watch

The beautiful G-Frame Collection Watch in Square shape from Gucci is definitely our next choice when it comes to expensive fashion watches. It costs about 3000 dollars and comes with a beautiful 18K yellow gold case and a black dial with diamonds. What else would you want in a fashion watch?

G-Frame Collection Watch Gucci

The beautiful Women’s Swiss Chronograph Brown Ceramic Fendi watch is also a beautiful fashion watch that costs a lot. It comes with brown ceramic bracelet that has rose-gold PVD accents with round polished case. The case has about 38 mm with a brown chronograph dial with a cool FF logo detail. It is water resistant to 50 meters and costs about 2000 dollars. If you want something that shouts glamour but it can also be worn with an elegant outfit as it manages to be simple in design, this is the watch to get.

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Unconventional Jewelry Pieces and Designers

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Unconventional Jewelry Pieces and Designers

There are designers that go for the classic approach when it comes to their products, and there are those that create beautiful jewelry for a small group of people, people who appreciate things that are less conventional or things that are simply weird. The latter types of jewelers/artists are the ones we will be talking about in this article, but also about some of their cool creations that managed to become very popular.

If you plan on wearing something unique why not choose an eraser ring, like the one made by E for Effort? Another cool design for them comes in the shape of a pair of eraser earrings that feature a cool and unique touch for any casual outfit. Their products were featured in a lot of art magazines and fashion websites and have been extremely popular on Pinterest, so there is no wonder why everybody wants an eraser ring now.

Nodeform also makes amazing jewelry that is handcrafted with care in Los Angeles. NODE comes from “no ordinary design element” and that’s very accurate when we take a look at their amazing design. Their collections include rings with unconventional designs, from floral prints to weaved or minimalistic earrings. They also have some collections that look quite futuristic and feature unique approaches to jewelry that can be only described as very sculptural.


Nervous System is another team of designers that create unconventional jewelry such as textured or sculptural jewelry; they have a unique approach and create their jewelry with art and science in mind. Some of their works include the Cellular Pendant, the Radial Necklace or the Convulation Bangle Steel.

Junju Lee is another artist that creates beautiful unconventional jewelry; some of the creations worth mentioning are: the iron ring or the moustache nose ring, but also the amazing ketchup dribbles brooch or the inkblot brooch, both realistically made to look like spots.

Another approach to jewelry is a more agricultural one, with Hafsten Julius a designer who wanted to create something really unique and came up with the grass ring. It seems that the grass ring is perfect for a person who wants to make sure that they stay in touch with nature, while turning heads with this amazing accessory. There are many variations of his rings by a lot of artists out there and while some use artificial grass for their design, it seems that Hafsten Julius actually used grass that needs to be trimmed and taken care of regularly just like any other real grass.

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Earrings That Will Make You Sparkle In 2013

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Earrings That Will Make You Sparkle In 2013

Are you looking for a glamorous touch to the upcoming season? The perfect way to stay glamorous and attract all the attention to yourself is to wear beautiful jewelry and what is better than a lovely pair of earrings that will surely help you stand out in a crowd? These following beautiful earrings pairs are made to help you shine.

Ethnic is the new trend and it seems that ethnic colored earrings are becoming more and more popular on the catwalk. This means that you can choose anything ethnic and colored to be glamorous this season and the biggest benefit is that ethnic earrings can be quite inexpensive. The new Alexander McQueen collection features colorful beads and stones in intricate ethnic patterns.

Nature seems to be another inspiration for jewelry this season as the Michael Kors collection seems to be taken from forests and flowers with colorful and vibrant colors, for both the watches collection and the jewelry collection. Big metal jewelry is also a big trend as seen on necklaces but also on big earrings that are featured in most spring collections and it is known that you cannot fail to stand out with big metal earrings. A whole range of textured fabrics will be used to jewelry such as wood, leather or even plastic so it’s time to rethink what jewelry and glamorous means because it will be achieve with unconventional materials.

ethnic style earrings

Another main trend is long earrings; besides being lovely to look at they are also quite feminine and give the wearer a beautiful sweet look with an elegant touch. Long earrings that feature bulky gemstones that sparkle in the light are the next season’s favorite accessories. Another type of long earrings we will definitely see are flowery earrings and antique looking long earrings that seem like your grandmother’s accessories remade with a futuristic look.

Vivid colors are definitely a trend and they will surely give your outfit a fresh look. With beautiful and colorful earrings you can be sure to sparkle in this spring and summer. Geometric shapes with vivid colors are definitely a new trend and will be in for a very long time because it seems that minimalistic and futuristic approach is another way designers choose to express themselves this summer. Also, insects and animal figurines are becoming more and more popular and many designers use them for brooches and earrings, especially for the spring collections.

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What A Luxury Watch Is All About

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What A Luxury Watch Is All About

There are many watches on the market nowadays that claim to bring the glamour and style of a luxury watch. Knowing what to expect from one of these timepieces can make your search for that perfect watch a bit easier. There are different aspects to a luxury watch and everything starts with the name on the back.


The name of the brand that made the watch is one of the most essential things. Despite the fact that a luxury watch has to function flawlessly, the main thing that attracts clients is the brand. The exclusivity and history of every luxury watch manufacturer is what can turn a simple watch into a must-have fashion item. Of course, it is not all about the brand, design and style also play big roles in creating a luxury watch. It has to look different, but in a good way, it has to be special, without loosing the classic features of the brand, it has to inspire the most recent fashion trends, but it must also be timeless. Therefore, a luxury watch is not that easy to make but it can be easy to spot one in a crowd.

The quality of the built has to be perfect. You can’t expect for a high end watch to fall behind and not give an accurate time reading. Although the main reason we buy a watch has changed over the years, it doesn’t mean that it should lose its basic time telling feature. Luxury watches are made with the finest materials and the best craftsmanship so you can expect their beauty to be more than just skin deep.

The known brand names, the quality of the pieces and the care that goes into making a luxury watch can only result in a high price tag. This is not really a problem for buyers and actually it is a requirement for luxury watches. A high price also means a bigger level of exclusivity and when you buy a luxury watch, you don’t want to walk down the street and spot five just like it; you want to feel and look special. This is what a luxury watch is all about and as many models turn into collectables over the years, you can expect that it won’t break down anytime soon. A luxury watch will last you a lifetime and it will never go out of style or fall behind with even a second.

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How To Choose The Right Bracelets

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How To Choose The Right Bracelets

When it comes to accessories there are a lot of variations that you can choose from, but bracelets are probably some of the most versatile accessories. Here are some of the most common types of bracelets and some tips on how to combine them with your outfit properly.

Beaded bracelets are a great and cheap way to improve your appearance. There are literally thousands of variations and you can find many types of beads to make sure that they go well with whatever style you choose. You can choose small beads bracelets for elegant outfits that would not only look beautiful but also make your whole appearance more sophisticated. These can be combined with necklaces made from the same material to complete a fascinating style. Big beaded bracelets are perfect for those who want to look more casual but also wish to show off their accessories. A type of big beads bracelet is the one that is hand painted with various models, they can be pricey but they are definitely worth it. You can also go for the colorful bracelets, especially during the summer, when they are so fashionable.

Metal bracelets are for those going for a minimalistic but futuristic look. They are also great for those who like the steampunk subculture and you can find various brass models online and in handmade stores. You can even ask artists to create some for you, with the design you wish and all the colors you find suitable for your style.

Thread bracelets may seem a little too childish but some handmade artists can create amazing pieces for all ages. They can be a great addition to your outfit when you want to make it more colorful or you simply want to add something unique to your look. They can also be friendship bracelets that you can offer to a friend and wear one similar yourself to show your appreciation and your deep connection.

In the end, bracelets are not just ways to improve your look and make sure that you show your unique personality by adding different elements to make your outfit more pleasing to the eyes.

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