Earrings That Will Make You Sparkle In 2013

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Earrings That Will Make You Sparkle In 2013

Are you looking for a glamorous touch to the upcoming season? The perfect way to stay glamorous and attract all the attention to yourself is to wear beautiful jewelry and what is better than a lovely pair of earrings that will surely help you stand out in a crowd? These following beautiful earrings pairs are made to help you shine.

Ethnic is the new trend and it seems that ethnic colored earrings are becoming more and more popular on the catwalk. This means that you can choose anything ethnic and colored to be glamorous this season and the biggest benefit is that ethnic earrings can be quite inexpensive. The new Alexander McQueen collection features colorful beads and stones in intricate ethnic patterns.

Nature seems to be another inspiration for jewelry this season as the Michael Kors collection seems to be taken from forests and flowers with colorful and vibrant colors, for both the watches collection and the jewelry collection. Big metal jewelry is also a big trend as seen on necklaces but also on big earrings that are featured in most spring collections and it is known that you cannot fail to stand out with big metal earrings. A whole range of textured fabrics will be used to jewelry such as wood, leather or even plastic so it’s time to rethink what jewelry and glamorous means because it will be achieve with unconventional materials.

ethnic style earrings

Another main trend is long earrings; besides being lovely to look at they are also quite feminine and give the wearer a beautiful sweet look with an elegant touch. Long earrings that feature bulky gemstones that sparkle in the light are the next season’s favorite accessories. Another type of long earrings we will definitely see are flowery earrings and antique looking long earrings that seem like your grandmother’s accessories remade with a futuristic look.

Vivid colors are definitely a trend and they will surely give your outfit a fresh look. With beautiful and colorful earrings you can be sure to sparkle in this spring and summer. Geometric shapes with vivid colors are definitely a new trend and will be in for a very long time because it seems that minimalistic and futuristic approach is another way designers choose to express themselves this summer. Also, insects and animal figurines are becoming more and more popular and many designers use them for brooches and earrings, especially for the spring collections.

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The Pussy Bow Blouse Is A True Fashion Statement For 2013

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The Pussy Bow Blouse Is A True Fashion Statement For 2013

This upcoming spring will have a list of fashion items that will rise in popularity, and one of the most interesting items for this year seems to be the pussy bow blouse.

It offers a chic and look while being incredibly easy and comfortable to wear. Don’t hesitate to spruce up your wardrobe with this fashion item for this spring and summer and why not, you could even pull it off in the autumn.

The revival of the pussy bow blouse and its dainty, feminine allure is very visible as malls and clothes shops are displaying them like crazy.

The best thing about the pussy bow blouse is its versatility. Pear one up with a skirt and you’re ready to go. It can also go well with shorts or wide leg jeans. You can literally make your own style or go for any type of look with the pussy bow. It also comes in a wide selection of colors, so if you want a more colorful look to celebrate spring or you need to look a bit more serious for work, the pussy bow blouse is the perfect choice.

In a nod to the out there fashion of the 70’s the pussy bow is probably the most famous fashion item of those times along with the bell bottom jeans.

bow blouse

You can pick one up at just about any store or at a host of online shops, however, one of the best offers in both terms of price and range of products comes from here.

Another great aspect of the pussy bow is that it offers a trendy new look that can be easily taken to the workplace. You don’t have to worry about looking inappropriate and you can really make it work with both dresses and pants.

So stop thinking of the pussy bow blouse as your grandma’s favorite blouse, and look forward to a comfortable, feminine even girlie fashion item that can be worn with just about anything at any event and that has such a rich palate of colors that you can show your mood, and personal touch with great ease.

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Anthony Vaccarello – Guaranteed Elegance

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Anthony Vaccarello – Guaranteed Elegance

When you need something that is cutting edge but elegant there aren’t many brands to choose from, other than the classy brands that we all got bored of.  Fortunately, the new designer Anthony Vaccarello comes with a new approach to fashion, a sort of futuristic but classy style that manages to stand out.

Anthony Vaccarello is a new name in the fashion industry; he is only 32 years old and graduated La Cambre, the famous Belgian design school. He explains the way he approaches fashion very simple: he likes to dress the body, to work with the material around it, not just create a design and then cover the body with it. He considers himself an artist that is striving for sensuality, control and construction. His style is also considered quite sexy and many of his dresses are quite a view, especially on beautiful bodies like those of his models.

His designs during college have also been very popular, helping him win many awards but also scholarships. He had a collection made entirely of leather who gave him a two-year stint designing fur at Fendi. After leaving Fendi, he applied everything he learned there in his collections and managed to come up with cutting edge designs that were extremely unique in the fashion world. A lot of designers compare his style with a Parisian style without all the clichés. A lot of his clothes are practically new and improved versions of the little black dress, becoming extremely elegant pieces for every woman who will ever buy them. he also designs a lot of other timeless pieces like smoking jackets, jumpsuits and even fifties style clothes but also flapper accents.

Overall his whole style can be considered to be an extremely fluid but tight and classy, with touches form all beautiful eras and with a dash of Parisian elegance. Whether you are looking for a dress that will stand out in any crowd or you simply want to buy something that looks timeless and elegant, his clothes will never let you down, so check them out if you have the opportunity.

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What A Luxury Watch Is All About

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What A Luxury Watch Is All About

There are many watches on the market nowadays that claim to bring the glamour and style of a luxury watch. Knowing what to expect from one of these timepieces can make your search for that perfect watch a bit easier. There are different aspects to a luxury watch and everything starts with the name on the back.


The name of the brand that made the watch is one of the most essential things. Despite the fact that a luxury watch has to function flawlessly, the main thing that attracts clients is the brand. The exclusivity and history of every luxury watch manufacturer is what can turn a simple watch into a must-have fashion item. Of course, it is not all about the brand, design and style also play big roles in creating a luxury watch. It has to look different, but in a good way, it has to be special, without loosing the classic features of the brand, it has to inspire the most recent fashion trends, but it must also be timeless. Therefore, a luxury watch is not that easy to make but it can be easy to spot one in a crowd.

The quality of the built has to be perfect. You can’t expect for a high end watch to fall behind and not give an accurate time reading. Although the main reason we buy a watch has changed over the years, it doesn’t mean that it should lose its basic time telling feature. Luxury watches are made with the finest materials and the best craftsmanship so you can expect their beauty to be more than just skin deep.

The known brand names, the quality of the pieces and the care that goes into making a luxury watch can only result in a high price tag. This is not really a problem for buyers and actually it is a requirement for luxury watches. A high price also means a bigger level of exclusivity and when you buy a luxury watch, you don’t want to walk down the street and spot five just like it; you want to feel and look special. This is what a luxury watch is all about and as many models turn into collectables over the years, you can expect that it won’t break down anytime soon. A luxury watch will last you a lifetime and it will never go out of style or fall behind with even a second.

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Classic Fashion Item – Faded Jeans

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Classic Fashion Item - Faded Jeans

Jeans are definitely the fashion items you need when you have to make sure that you don’t go wrong with a casual item. When it comes to jeans, there are so many models available, it’s impossible to make the right decision sometimes. The models also change every year into new styles so women have to change according to trends to make sure that they are fashionable.

However, there will always be a style of jeans that will look amazing no matter what and will always be fashionable; that style o jeans is the faded jeans. Faded jeans are actually jeans that have been washed with acid to create a gradient look on different parts of them. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with anything. The main color for these jeans is usually blue, but you can also buy faded jeans that have other colors like dark blue, grey or black. You can even go beyond that and stand out with a pair of colorful faded jeans. No matter what color you choose, here are some tips on how to combine them for the perfect look.

The first thing that you need to know is never to wear faded jeans that are slim if you are overweight, as they will look terrible. Another thing is the fact that you will need to opt for less faded jeans if your legs are thick if you want to make them look thinner. If you have short legs, make sure that you don’t buy jeans that are too flare, a straight type of jeans cut is the best thing you can do for yourself. Slim jeans are also forbidden to girls who are short as they look disastrous.

You can easily combine faded jeans with casual outfits like jackets, tops, various shirts and those combinations can be worn out or at school with absolutely no problem. You can even wear jeans to the office if you add a blazer on top and make sure that you accessorize the outfit properly, everybody will complement you for your boldness.

Jeans are great fashion items and once you buy a pair you know that they will never go out of style.

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Gucci 1970 Bag

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Gucci 1970 Bag

While keeping the basic features that have distinguished the Italian signature all over the years and made the Gucci style unique and inimitable, this summer’s collection of Gucci handbags offers shades of glossy paper, precious materials and gold to enrich the whole look of the glamorous brand. And if the last seasons favored the satchels, now they leave place for hobo bags and small clutches, which are worn on the shoulder or held in the hand, while the chain adorns the wrist.

Actually, all the models seem to be strongly focused on the aesthetics of the chain, which is present not only on purses, but also on oversized bags and which is made even more practical as its is interwoven with leather. Another common feature for the items included in this collection is the metallic finish applied on both sides of the bags. Moreover, some models have their corners covered with material inserts that recall the bag gold-plated chain.

White is, as usually, the predominant summer color, but this does not mean that the whole collection is limited to white bags. Green seems to impose itself as the new trendy color of bags, according to the Italian fashion designers. The same goes for the fabrics, field in which exotic types of leather seem to be the rule.

Thus, the icon item of the whole summer collection is a python leather bag bearing an emerald chromatic tone. Despite its small size, this bag achieves maximum impact by its bright color, by the rare material used for its manufacture, by unusual shape of the valve, by the richly decorated and hand made lining. All the design elements, chosen by the Italian designers for this small bag, match perfectly. Every detail is in place providing this accessory with a successful and harmonious look. This bag will go with fuchsia, ripe cherry, purple or pink fashionable clothes such as silk jackets, laconic dresses and casual trousers.

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Knitted Wear – Stay Comfortable And Warm

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Knitted Wear - Stay Comfortable And Warm

Knitted wear has always been fascinating, from the beautiful pullover made by your grandmother to the crocheted modern dresses that have been in fashion for several years now. People tend to forget that knitted wear can be quite amazing even during seasons that are not cold. So, having something beautifully knitted in your wardrobe is always a plus and a way you can really enhance your style.

When it comes to whole outfits, there is quite a variety that can be found in the knitted wear department. You can buy knitted dresses that look really beautiful, not to mention the fact that they can keep you warm and elegant during winter. Sweaters, pullovers and cardigans will always be in fashion so you can buy a few high quality ones that you can keep in your wardrobe for everyday wear. Also, there seems to be an interest even in knitted trousers or leggings, and many women prefer wearing those with boots during cold season as they keep them warm but also look really modern and quite sexy.

When it comes to knitted accessories there’s also a large variety. We all wear scarves but it seems that the industry has created really original pieces and nowadays one has to spend a lot of time searching the big variety of models in order to find something they like. Gloves are also a fashion item that is worn by many during the cold season, and there’s also a big selection when it comes to them.

An interesting aspect of knitted wear is the boost it gained lately through a sort of trend regarding handmade clothes. There are many websites where people can contact somebody who knits and tell them what they need to do in order to create something personalized. This is a great option and even if it costs more, the materials are higher quality than those used for series items. Also, let’s not forget the original pattern that you thought about and you can get it through this sort of service. However, regardless of how you choose to buy your clothes, knitted wear will always be a timeless fashion trend.

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Choosing The Best Hiking Boots

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Choosing The Best Hiking Boots

When it comes to hiking, some pros will tell you that it can be pretty hard to choose the best equipment; not having the perfect hiking boots for your body and shape can cause a lot of pain and some permanent damage on long term so it’s really important to know what you can wear.

Hiking boots are not just about hiking; you can also wear them during the fall or winter with your more casual apparel. You can also choose lighter fabric hiking boots that are perfect for warmer seasons whenever you wish to spend your time walking more than the average person. They are comfortable and very durable so it seems that they are great fashion accessories.

Fitting boots – whatever type of boots you end up choosing, you have to make sure that they fit; this is very important since you definitely need them to support your boots, no matter what type of activity you are doing.

Walk with them on – whenever you try on a pair of shoes or boots, the most important thing is to make a few steps wearing them to see how they might bother your feet in the long run; this is definitely a must for boots, where you need to be absolutely sure that you are buying something comfortable.

Low cut or high cut – so you decided to buy boots but you don’t have any idea what type you should get. Low cut boots are perfect for light walking and good during the summer but they don’t do much to protect your feet or your ankles. On the other hand, high cut boots are great for protecting those but can be a little too much for somebody who is not into hardcore hiking. If you can, try to buy something mid cut or decide what type of activity you are planning to do with your boots on and go from there.

Make sure that you choose your hiking boots according to the season also, this is really important because you definitely don’t want to wear winter hiking boots during the summer and vice-versa. It can really damage your feet to the point where you cannot walk.

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This Summer’s Shoes Trends

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This Summer’s Shoes Trends

Shoes respect the general trends set for this summer: pastel color, mutant high soles and retro spirit, proving once again the fashion designers’ inventiveness and their ability to provide all the fashionistas with the type of sandals and slippers which is the most appropriate for their lifestyle.

Mule slippers


Being accused of a severe lack of pragmatism, the mule slippers have been for a long time out of the the catwalks. However, it seems that 2012 could mean their comeback if we take into consideration the famous creations Prada (whose flaming leather tailing embedded on the heels made such a thrill), the two-tone Miu Miu mule slippers or the sporty models of Rag & Bone.

Walking flat sandals


Monochrome at Alexander Wang, ethno – casual under the hands of the Danish Camilla Skovgaard or declined in turquoise python and flanges with Stella McCartney, sandals are attempting to appropriate the current trends and to convince perched high heels fans to succumb to their irresistible comfort.

Pastel shades


Supported by fashion designers like Marc Jacobs, pastel shades cover this season shoes, ballet flats and ankle boots, appropriating a variety of colors ranging from orange sorbet to green water, going through pale yellow. Sometimes wisely monochrome (with Jil Sander), sometimes bolstered by the addition of a metallic detail (with Yves Saint Laurent), they are one of the hottest trends. It is, indeed, difficult to consider the spring of 2012 without a pair of pastel shoes likely to bring to your denims a necessary touch of trendy sweetness.

African influences


Patterns borrowed from the African crafts abound this season. Between braided leather showing some tribal graphics, rows of colorful wooden beads and soles covered with wax, this summer’s sandals provide a safari chic look, as the Africa Dream boots by Christopher Bailey already proved it.

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Simple Fashion Accessories – Black T-Shirt

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Simple Fashion Accessories – Black T-Shirt

There’s nothing more common than a simple black T-shirt but what you don’t know is the fact that you can enhance that T-shirt and either make it a fashion statement or create something really trendy. Here are some ways to improve your simple T-shirt and make it look really cool.

Fabric paint – there’s nothing more creative than a T-shirt with a cool image on it. You can buy painting created especially for fabrics from any crafts store and let your imagination go wild. There are a lot of simple patterns on the internet that you can copy and apply on your T-shirt.

Stickers – you can also use certain thermo-stickers that you can apply on your black T-shirt. This already has an image and there’s not much creativity involved, but the final result is pretty cool.

Bleach and paint – there’s a way to obtain pretty cool punk style T-shirts with a little bleach and some fabric paint. You can even get that hippie look if you add some bleach into the water and then add the T-shirt for a few minutes. Make sure that you tie some knots before doing that, it will give your T-shirt some interesting designs. There are also glow-in-the-dark stickers that can be really fun if you are planning to wear your t-shirt on a night out.

Safety Pins – you can also use safety pins to make another punk look style. Rip your T-shirt in several parts and make sure that you can use your safety pin to put the parts back together. You can even paint the edges of your ripped parts to give it a more interesting look. Combine this method with the ones above for a really cool way to improve your simple T-shirt.

There are various ways you can make a simple T-shirt look cool but don’t forget to also wear it as it is. There’s nothing more casual and comfortable than a pair of jeans and a simple black T-shirt and it’s something that will make everybody look good, it doesn’t matter what body shape they have and how tall they are.

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