Simple Fashion Accessories – Black T-Shirt

There’s nothing more common than a simple black T-shirt but what you don’t know is the fact that you can enhance that T-shirt and either make it a fashion statement or create something really trendy. Here are some ways to improve your simple T-shirt and make it look really cool.

Fabric paint – there’s nothing more creative than a T-shirt with a cool image on it. You can buy painting created especially for fabrics from any crafts store and let your imagination go wild. There are a lot of simple patterns on the internet that you can copy and apply on your T-shirt.

Stickers – you can also use certain thermo-stickers that you can apply on your black T-shirt. This already has an image and there’s not much creativity involved, but the final result is pretty cool.

Bleach and paint – there’s a way to obtain pretty cool punk style T-shirts with a little bleach and some fabric paint. You can even get that hippie look if you add some bleach into the water and then add the T-shirt for a few minutes. Make sure that you tie some knots before doing that, it will give your T-shirt some interesting designs. There are also glow-in-the-dark stickers that can be really fun if you are planning to wear your t-shirt on a night out.

Safety Pins – you can also use safety pins to make another punk look style. Rip your T-shirt in several parts and make sure that you can use your safety pin to put the parts back together. You can even paint the edges of your ripped parts to give it a more interesting look. Combine this method with the ones above for a really cool way to improve your simple T-shirt.

There are various ways you can make a simple T-shirt look cool but don’t forget to also wear it as it is. There’s nothing more casual and comfortable than a pair of jeans and a simple black T-shirt and it’s something that will make everybody look good, it doesn’t matter what body shape they have and how tall they are.

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