The Popular Trends Of This Year’s Spring Season

Since spring fashion is in full speed and fashion designers have already started thinking about what will we wear during the winter, it is about time to look what fashion trends actually worked this season and what people like wearing in the Spring of 2012.

It is no surprise that colorful outfit where in fashion this year but as every fashion designer is unique, every combination of bright colors was also one of a kind. We saw bright red combined with dark blue and rectangular shapes to form a nice semi-professional dress and we also saw swimsuits with three shades of colors, so it is easy to say that things weren’t boring this spring.

One would think that with so many colorful trends available, people will start forgetting about the boring black and white outfit; the truth is far from it and it seems that the popular two colors were still a big choice this year and this is due to the innovative ideas of some fashion designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Jason Wu. Being chic with a touch of a sporty style has found quite a lot of fans and the style will also be seen during the colder seasons.

Another popular trend that has to be in this recap is made out of super bold prints that make a fashion statement wherever you go. When we say prints, we mean very visible and popping prints that are sure to offer a vibrant look with an eye-catching design. Big floral designs and geometric shapes are just a couple of the trends that have taken over the streets and catwalks during this summer.

We talked about bright colors as a whole trend but it seems that orange deserves its own place on this list due to the many fashionable outfits that have caught our attention. Orange was and is everywhere, from dresses to shoes and handbags, everything looks alive and joyful. Tangerine tango was the most popular color this season and it looked amazing on every fashion item you can think of. There are also other shades of orange to choose from if you want something a bit more special.

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